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Doonaree by Eilish Boland

If you ever go to Ireland,
I'm sure you will agree
To take the road from Dublin town
Way down to Doonaree,
And when you find the wishing well
Beyond the Chestnut tree
In a shady nook, by a winding brook,
Will you make this wish for me.

Oh to be in Doonaree with the sweetheart
I once knew,
To stroll in the shade of the leafy glade
where rhododendron grew,
To sit with my love on the bridge above
the rippling waterfall,
To go back home, never more to road,
is my dearest wish of all.

And if you take the hilly path,
To the wood where bluebells grow,
Where we as barefoot children played,
So many years ago;
You'll find the Slumb'ring castle there
Entwinded in memory,
Beneath the spell of the wishing well,
Will you make this wish for me.

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