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My Place is Endless

My Place is Endless

At the back of Sadie's an ancient ruin
Stepping stones across the river, it's impossible to find.
My granny's field surrounded by palettes of wood
A Playstation world, Fifa 12, Batman Arkam City
A soccer pitch, if I score a goal.
A football match, using all my force
A forest and a row of trees
A muddy field.

Sitting on the long green grass at the back of the house
A field of flowers and trees
The flowers are buried in the long garden grass.
Down the road, Ash trees in my granny's field
My bedroom lit by the morning sunshine
A field behind my house, squelching mud on my own.
My place is endless

A place where I go early in the morning to bring my dog for a walk
A big tree that's good for hiding
A treehouse where I relax and enjoy the view.
Your possibilities are endless, you can do anything, anytime, anywhere.
Horses galloping through the fields
Water trickling down from the fields above
Cows hungry, shouting food.

Tractors getting stuck in wet land
A forbidden place amongst the reeds
A hidden hut beside the church, only a few know where it is.
A silent hut surrounded by rivers and willow trees
A hut covered in sharp thorns, at the back of my house
Ponies coming near the gate, as soon as they see me.
A dark room that I play in

By the children of St. Josephs 5th and 6th Class, 2012. Facilitated by Poet Tom Conaty in collaboration with Artist Yvonne Cullivan.

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